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As author and educator George Couros put it,

“Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational.”

EdTech companies are trying to do just the same through technology and innovation.

Let’s look at the top 25 EdTech companies in the United States.

1. NeighborSchools

Address:Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Founded in:2018

Founders:Brian Swartz

Funding:$3.5 m raised 3 years ago

Investors:Accomplice, Tuhaye Venture Partners, World Within


Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (4)

While large daycares may charge exorbitant fees, NeighborSchools aims to reverse this trend. The organization assists independent care providers in obtaining licenses and opening small daycare facilities in their homes. After that, parents can complete an online survey to select a daycare in their area that meets their needs.

NeighborSchools ensure that caregivers are paid a livable wage and that daycare is accessible and inexpensive for parents by decentralizing the industry.

USP: NeighborSchools focuses on childcare for children, parents, and providers and even helps launch and operate Family Child Care programs.

2. Great Minds


Address: 55 M Street SE, Suite 340, Washington, DC 20003

Founded in:2007

Founders: Lynne Munson

Funding: Non-profit organization

Employee range: 251-500

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (5)

Great Minds aims to provide a thorough grasp of the world through its course content.

Each Great Minds course, from arithmetic to English, incorporates real-world contexts and the improvement of essential skills. Thanks to Great Minds’ comprehensive approach, teachers and students can develop deeper connections with subjects that go beyond memorization of facts.

USP: Great Minds works with academics and instructors to create outstanding teaching resources. Eureka Math, developed by GreatMinds, is the first comprehensive math program that is grade-level aligned to the Common Core State Standards. It has received praise on both a state and national level.

3. BrainPOP


Address: 71 West 23rd Sreet, New York City, New York, U.S

Founded in:1999

Founders: Avraham Kadar

Funding: $1.5 m raised in Seed Round on 2017

Investors: Vidcode

Employee range:101-250

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (6)

BrainPOP is introducing a more entertaining method of teaching to the classroom to aid children in better connecting with the course they are learning.

Students are involved in various subjects through interactive games, movies, and activities. They can also explore several paths while developing their social skills.

USP: BrainPOP allows educators to engage students through its diverse set of tools.

4. Outschool


Address: Outschool, Inc. PO Box 77107, San Francisco, CA 94107

Founded in:2015

Founders: Amir Nathoo, Mikhail Seregine, Nick Grandy

Funding: $130 m ($75 m raised a year ago)

Investors: Caterina Fake, Coatue, Collaborative Fund, FundersClub, Jennifer Carolan, Learn Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Reach Capital, SV Angel, Sesame Workshop, Tiger Global Management, Union Square Ventures, Y Combinator, s28 Capital

Employees: 1,601

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (7)

Outschool introduces children to an easy-to-use internet platform to foster a passion for learning from an early age. Students between the ages of 3 and 18 can choose from a wide variety of courses offered by the company. The company ensures that students receive the time and attention necessary to learn the content by making them participate in small group and one-on-one sessions.

USP: The company offers a marketplace for kids’ live online classes. The video chat group classes are held on the company’s online learning platform and are made available through a marketplace.

5. TutorMe


Address: 1925 Century Park E #1700, Los Angeles, CA 90067

Founded in: 2015

Founders: Alex Convery, Ari Stiegler, Myles Hunter, Rob Sciama, Victor Kotseruba, William O’Brien

Funding: $1.3M

Investors: LAUNCH

Employee range: 51-100

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (8)

For students who require assistance outside of the classroom, TutorMe offers online access to a network of instructors. TutorMe aids in ethnic studies, computer science, and engineering. It connects with public schools and libraries for an optimal learning experience, making its 24/7 services even handier.

USP: As a 24/7 online tutoring provider, the organization collaborates with districts and schools to enhance equal access to individualized learning, support teachers, and alleviate learning loss.

6. Udacity


Address: Udacity, 2440 El Camino Real, Floor 6, Mountain View, CA 94040

Founded in: 2011

Founders: David Stavens, Mike Sokolsky, Sebastian Thrun

Funding: $174.2 m ($114.76 m raised seven years ago)

Investors: Andreessen Horowitz, Baillie Gifford, Bertelsmann, CRV, Cox Enterprises, Drive Capital, Emerson Collective, GV, Recruit Co., Steve Blank, Valor Capital Group

Employees: 3,804

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (9)

Udacity is an online platform where job seekers can get training for the careers they want to pursue. The platform provides people with essential, in-demand skills to advance their careers through a variety of programs and courses on topics like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, product management, data science, cybersecurity, and more.

USP: Udacity is one of the few online platforms that provides a learning environment with courses in robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

7. MasterClass


Address: San Francisco, California, U.S

Founded in: 2015

Founders: Aaron Rasmussen, David Rogier

Funding: $461.4 m ($225 m raised a year ago)

Investors: 01 Advisors, Advancit Capital, Atomico, Bloomberg Beta, Brendan Wallace, Downey Ventures, Evolution Media, Fidelity Management & Research Company, GSV Acceleration, Harrison Metal, IVP, Javelin Venture Partners, Javelin Ventures, MX Investments, NEA, New Enterprise Associates, NewView Capital, NextEquity Partners, Novel TMT Ventures, Outlier Ventures, Owl Ventures, Powerhouse Capital, RPS Ventures, Ronald Lauder Ventures, Sam Lessin, UTA Ventures, WME Ventures, Yan-David Erlich

Employees: 746

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (10)

MasterClass provides online video-based courses taught by celebrities. Users of the online platform can enroll in online classes and learn from subject-matter experts who are at the top of their fields. Masterclass offers instructors in fields like cooking, writing, music, sports, filmmaking, and much more, including Stephen Curry, Gordon Ramsey, and Annie Leibovitz, to share their insights that can only come from achieving life’s pinnacle goals.

USP: MasterClass offers some of the best content when it comes to learning diverse skills.

8. A Cloud Guru


Address: Suite 340 800 Brazos Street Austin, TX 78701

Founded in: 2015

Founders: Ryan Kroonenburg

Funding: $297 m ($257 m raised three years ago)

Investors: Summit Partners, Elephant

Employees: 395

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (11)

A Cloud Guru is an EdTech company that provides engineers and aspiring engineers with online cloud computing courses. The platform offers courses ranging from the fundamentals of Cloud-focused coding for the Cloud to AWS certifications, allowing students to learn in a more engaging setting than traditional education methods.

USP: A Cloud Guru leverages the social learning platform for learning cloud computing. It provides online AWS training, cloud certifications, AWS courses, and AWS-certified solutions architect services.

9. GoGuardian


Address: GoGuardian, 2030 East Maple Avenue, Suite 100 El Segundo, California 90245

Founded in: 2014

Founders: Advait Shinde, Tyler Shaddix

Funding: $125 k raised four years ago.

Investors: Sumeru Equity Partners, Todd Mackey

Employees: 628

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (12)

GoGuardian is an EdTech company that facilitates safer learning experiences. It gives teachers a set of tools that guarantee students are shielded from harmful and disruptive content when working in the digital environment. The company’s main goal is to support mental health through a range of products that create a more effective learning environment. These products include DNS network filtering, classroom management tools, asset management tools, student safety beacons, and more.

USP: The business provides solutions for instruction, assessment, unified filtering, and classroom management.

10. Screencastify


Address: 222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1212, Chicago, IL 60654

Founded in: 2013

Founders: Jason Hu, Manuel Braun

Funding: Non-Profit, Acquired by LearnCore

Investors: Jumpstart Ventures, Lakewest Venture Partners

Employee range: 11-50

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (13)

Screencastify offers a free plugin for Chromium-based browsers. Through this plugin, the company aims to make it simpler for teachers, students, business professionals, and other collaborators to record, edit, and share movies.

With additional tools like narration, focus mouse, and virtual pen capabilities, the plugin provides an effective way to record using screen capture, webcam, and microphone. This makes it simple for users to incorporate clear, flexible images into their workflow.

USP: Screencastify offers a simple video capture solution that comes in handy during online classes and presentations. The tool works particularly well for school laptops, which are often Chromebook devices.

11. Teachers Pay Teachers


Address: 111 E. 18th St., 11th Floor, New York, NY 10003, United States

Founded in: 2006

Founders: Paul Edelman

Funding: $64 m

Investors: Tiger Global Management, True Ventures, Spectrum Equity

Employees: 3,684

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (14)

Teachers can buy and sell worksheets, lesson plans, and other educational resources for grades pre-K–12 on Teachers Pay Teachers. This website is dubbed the “Etsy of education.” As more districts nationwide adopt the same Common Core learning objectives since the site’s launch in 2006, it has become even more pertinent. The platform is now used by more than 70% of teachers in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

USP: Teachers Pay Teachers is an essential platform enabling teachers to collaborate and market original educational resources.

12. Newsela


Address: 475 10th Avenue Fourth Floor New York, NY 10019 USA

Founded in: 2012

Founders: Dan Cogan-Drew

Funding: $172.2 m ($100 m raised two years ago)

Investors: Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Franklin Templeton, Kapor Capital, Kleiner Perkins, LP, LP, Owl Ventures, Owl Ventures, Reach Capital, TCV, Tao Capital Partners, Women’s Venture Capital Fund, Zuckerberg Education Ventures

Employees: 676

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (15)

Newsela creates a digital collection of timely, reliable nonfiction works that are suited to readers of all reading abilities and are frequently concerned with social justice concerns. Newsela’s readings have comprehension tests and are based on stories from Scientific American, The Washington Post, and historical sources.

USP: The company offers a unique value to both teachers and students as it provides daily news stories that are taken from local and national media. It provides a platform for instructional content that blends interesting, graded content with built-in formative evaluations and insights to boost student engagement and learning across all subject areas.

13. Panorama Education


Address: 24 School St Fourth Floor, Boston, MA 02108

Founded in: 2012

Founders: Aaron Feuer, Xan Tanner

Funding: $32.1 m ($16 m raised 5 years ago)

Investors: A-Grade Investments, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Emerson Collective, GV, Google Ventures, Imagine K12, Maynard Webb, Nick Ducoff, Osama Bedier, Owl Ventures, Paul Buchheit, SV Angel, Sam Altman, SoftTech VC, Spark Capital, Startup: Education, Uncork Capital, Webb Investment Network, Y Combinator, YEI Innovation Fund, Yale University

Employees: 487

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (16)

A data analytics company, Panorama Education, focuses on surveys that gauge K–12 school factors like school atmosphere, teacher engagement, student satisfaction, and others. The team creates and administers the surveys, which may be completed safely on a mobile device. After collecting data, the company assists the more than 11,000 schools that use its services in analyzing them and taking appropriate action.

USP: The company provides critical data for decision-making as well as policy making. Surveys of students, parents, teachers, and staff are conducted by the company on behalf of school districts, charter networks, and state governments. This allows educational institutions as well as policymakers to better cater to the needs of the students.

14. DreamBox Learning


Address: 305 108th Avenue NE, 2nd Floor, Bellevue, WA 98004

Founded in: 2004

Founders: Lou Gray

Funding: $172.6 m ($130 m raised 4 years ago)

Investors: Arne Duncan, LP, Owl Ventures, Reed Hastings, Tao Capital Partners, The Rise Fund

Employees: 436

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (17)

Dreambox Learning’s K–8 math program is adaptable and attempts to make math interesting and approachable. Their system monitors how students approach solving issues, constantly rearranging the order of the tasks, and adjusting the level of difficulty following student progress. Long division is tedious, but the vibrant graphics, lively music effects, and other game-like elements make up for it.

USP: DreamBox’s data-driven, personalized learning technology provides the right arithmetic and reading training at the appropriate moment. Their technology ensures that students are constantly inspired and eager to study.

15. Guild Education


Address: 370 17th Street, Denver, CO 80202

Founded in: 2015

Founders: Rachel Carlson, Brittany Stitch, Chris Romer

Funding: $378.5 m ($150 m raise a year ago)

Investors: 1776, 1776 Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Brigette Lau, Cowboy Ventures, D1, Emerson Collective, Felicis Ventures, Fern Mandelbaum, GSV, General Catalyst, Harrison Metal, ICONIQ, Iconiq Capital, Lead Edge Capital, Matt Glickman, Miriam Rivera, Monitor Ventures, Next Play Capital, Redpoint, Redpoint Ventures, Rethink Impact & Education, Salesforce Ventures, Silicon Valley Bank, Social Capital, Ulu Ventures, Workday Ventures

Employees: 1,462

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (18)

Guild Education offers courses, degrees, and programs for working individuals. They use technology to promote peer interactions, portfolios to aid in studying and working, and coaching. Guild Education offers online courses from more than 80 universities to assist working people in continuing their employer-funded education. For instance, Walmart pays for its employees’ business degrees $1 every day.

USP: Guild Education provides its services to working adults, a group that is often ignored by EdTech solutions. By upskilling its users, Guild Education enables its users to get better careers.

16. Snap! Raise


Address: Seattle, Washington, United States

Founded in: 2014

Founders: Cole Morgan, Eddie Behringer, Stefan Berglund

Funding: $90 m raised a year ago

Investors: Elysian Park Ventures

Employees: 303

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (19)

Snap! Raise makes fundraising for sports teams and youth organizations easier by substituting flexible internet campaigns for the time-consuming door-to-door selling and flyering. Through its interface, digital campaigns can reach a wider audience and require less time and staff. The website also assists teams in planning enjoyable extras like gifts for significant donors.

USP: Snap! Raise makes fundraising simple with no upfront costs. Multiple schools are already enrolled on this platform.

17. Duolingo


Address: 5900 Penn Avenue 2nd Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15206 United States

Founded in: 2011

Founders: Luis von Ahn, Severin Hacker

Funding: $3.7 b

Investors: Publicly traded

Employees: 400

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (20)

Through game-like training, users of the free Duolingo program can teach more than 30 different languages, from Esperanto to Spanish. Users advance to new levels by earning points and completing timed challenges. It is also highly efficient. According to recent research, students may learn nearly the same amount of Spanish in 34 hours with Duolingo as they would in a first-semester classroom.

USP: Duolingo offers multiple language courses, including very rare languages. Their service helps foreign students to learn new languages extremely fast. The company also has Duolingo ABC which is an app for early literacy skills.

18. Seesaw


Address: 548 Market Street, PMB 98963, San Francisco, CA 94104

Founded in: 2014

Founders: Adrian Graham, Carl Sjogreen

Funding: $13 m

Investors: Jeff Weiner, Bubba Murarka, Wayee Chuy, Greylock, Next Play Ventures, Ethan Beard

Employees: 292

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (21)

Children complete projects using drawing, photography, video recording and writing on Seesaw’sstudent engagementplatform. Teachers can choose from a built-in activity library to use for their lessons. The layout enables educators and parents to monitor students’ creative processes and evaluate their final products, which are saved in individualized digital portfolios.

USP: Students can submit their assignments to social media and share them with teachers, friends, and parents using the company’s learning application. Students receive positive feedback for their quizzes, paintings, and science projects rather than accruing likes or comments on a selfie.

19. Likemind


Address: United States

Founded in: 2018

Founders: Mike Newman

Funding: Unfunded

Employee range: 1-10

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (22)

Many individuals do not enjoy checking their email, but Likemind wants to alter that. The business sends out emails with a variety of instructional content to pique readers’ interests. The Likemind family of products, which includes Inspiring Quotes, Trivia Genius, and “The Discoverer,” aids in converting inboxes into sources of interest.

USP: Likemind caters to over twelve million users. Brands can approach Likemind to reach out to millions of inboxes every day. Likemind ensures that the content is educational and provides some value to its user base.

20. Coursera


Address: 381 E. Evelyn Ave Mountain View, CA 94041

Founded in:2012

Founders: Andrew Ng, Daphne Koller

Funding: Publicly Traded

Employees: 1,138

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (23)

More than 150 prestigious colleges, including Stanford and Duke, offer courses through Coursera in an open online format. Through the platform’s collection of video lectures, automatically graded homework assignments, and discussion forums, more than 20 million students have studied subjects including data science, philosophy, and fashion.

USP: Coursera is one of the most reputed online platforms for providing certified courses and degrees to its users. It offers community discussion forums, auto-graded assignments, and peer-reviewed tasks, besides just recorded video lectures. It provides courses on engineering, humanities, medicine, biology, social sciences, math, business, computer science, digital marketing, data science, and others.

21. Schoology


Address: 150 Parkshore Dr. Folsom, CA 95630

Founded in: 2009

Founders: Bill Kindler, Jeremy Friedman, Ryan Hwang, Tim Trinidad

Funding: $57.1 m ($32 m raised 7 years ago)

Investors: BDS Capital, FirstMark, FirstMark Capital, Great Oaks Venture Capital, Great Road Holdings, Intel Capital, JMI Equity, Meakem Becker Venture Capital

Employees: 137

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (24)

The learning management system from Schoology places a strong emphasis on teamwork and enjoyment in classroom settings. Children can collaborate and converse using technology. Additionally, it provides teachers with a centralized location to manage administrative chores including lesson planning, grading, and quiz administration.

USP: The company provides users with all the resources necessary to customize education and enhance student results by providing dynamic learning management, an intuitive collaboration interface, and a next-generation API connection.

22. Voxy

Address: 632 Broadway New York, NY 10012 United States

Founded in: 2010

Founders: Paul Goulash

Funding: $30.8 m ($12m raised 5 years ago)

Investors: Bowery Capital, Contour Venture Partners, GSV Acceleration, Inherent Group, Partnership Fund for New York City, Pearson, Rethink Education, SJF Ventures, Seavest Capital Partners, Weld North, ff Venture Capital

Employees: 176

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (25)

Voxy specializes in mobile-friendly English language training programs designed for higher education and professional settings. Its curriculum comprises live-streamed one-on-one instruction and is targeted at goals like passing the Test of English as a Foreign Language (commonly known as TOEFL) and talking about data analytics.

USP: The business provides users with a fully integrated online and mobile platform that syncs with all of their devices. It offers live in-product instruction delivered through private tutorials and group classes led by qualified instructors who offer immediate feedback.

23. Knewton

Address: 100 5th Avenue New York, NY 10011 United States

Founded in: 2008

Founders: Subsidiary of Wiley

Funding: $182.3 m

Investors: Accel Partners, Accele Venture Partners, Atomico, Bessemer Venture Partners, Chris Dixon, EDBI, First Round Capital, FirstMark, FirstMark Capital, Founders Fund, GSV Capital, Greylock Partners, Jonathan Glick, Mosaic Ventures, Pearson, Peter Stern, Reid Hoffman, Ronald Conway, Shana Fisher, Silicon Valley Bank, Sofina, T. Trent Gegax, TAL Education Group, Tom Pinkney, TriplePoint Capital

Employee range: 101-250

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (26)

Knewton has won numerous innovation awards from Fast Company thanks to its emphasis on adaptive learning—digital learning tools that adjust to students’ strengths and shortcomings as they study. Its courses, which are mostly targeted toward math, physics, and economics, provide granular analytics for teachers and personalized study recommendations for students.

USP: Knewton is known for its adaptive and personalized education programs. They also provide a courseware solution called Alta.

24. Chegg


Address: 3990 Freedom Cir, Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA

Founded in: 2005

Founders: Aayush Phumbhra, Josh Carlson, Osman Rashid

Funding: Publicly Traded

Employees: 1,613

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (27)

Chegg aims to lessen the financial burden of a college education. A college education is expensive, and Americans have more than $1 trillion in student debt. Americans financially struggle particularly when it comes to textbooks. On Chegg, Students can buy, rent, and sell used books on its online marketplace. Users of Chegg’s website can also obtain free online tutoring.

USP: The company offers a linked learning platform that puts students first, assisting students in making the transition from high school to college and career.

25. Wolfram Alpha

Address: 100 Trade Center Drive Champaign, IL 61820-7237 USA

Founded in: 2009

Founders: Stephen Wolfram, Theodore Gray

Funding: Unfunded

Employee range: 501-1000

Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (28)

Wolfram Alpha is a platform that is similar to a search engine like Google, but specifically for academic knowledge. While Google can do basic arithmetic, Wolfram Alpha can multiply matrices or run a regression. Its search engine, especially the subscription-based Pro tool, also allows users to analyze hyper-specific data on topics ranging from movie ratings to greenhouse gas emissions.

USP: Wolfram Alpha is the only unified platform that offers semantic tagging and curated computational data in a variety of sectors, such as physical sciences, technology, geography, weather, cooking, business, and more under a single roof. It is a great resource for both students and working professionals.

Education in the United States is an expensive affair. The staggering dropout rate is also a concern. Often, people are left jobless due to a lack of skills. On top of that, teachers are underpaid, making the primary education system ineffective.

EdTech companies in the United States are trying to solve these problems. In this list, we have focused on EdTech companies working in the following domains.

  • Companies that help teachers and caregivers:Teachers and caregivers are an essential part of the education system. EdTech companies like NeighborSchools and Teachers Pay Teachers enable them to afford a better quality of life; and therefore, provide better services at work.
  • Companies that provide personalized education services:Through personalized services, teachers can teach more effectively to students. Companies like BrainPOP, DreamBox Learning, and others are offering this.
  • Companies that make higher education more accessible:Platforms like Coursera, Udacity, MasterClass, and others help make education accessible to both children and adults.
  • Companies that offer specialized tools:Screencastify, Wolfram Alpha, Newsela, Likemind, and similar companies do not pitch themselves as EdTech companies but make notable contributions in this space.

LeadSquared provides sales, marketing, and onboarding automation solutions to several leading EdTechs globally. Get in touch with our experts to learn more about how an EdTech CRM can help you grow.



Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (29)

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Top 25 EdTech Companies in the United States (2024)


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