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RolexWorld of RolexSail GP

Rolex is the global Presenting Partner and exclusive Official Timepiece of the SailGP championship, a regatta circuit that pits the fastest sailing craft in the world against one another. It is raced on seas worldwide, on F50 foiling catamarans that seem to take flight across the water.

Published onApril 09, 2024

It is raced on seas worldwide, on F50 foiling catamarans that seem to take flight across the water.

Innovation at the service of performance

Crews made up of some of the best sailors. Identical catamarans, with foils and a rigid wingsail, capable of reaching50knots, or nearly100km/h. Spectacular races that last 15 minutes at most. A season organized on the seas of five continents. Launched in 2019, the SailGP circuit has redefined the world of competitive sailing, utilizing innovative, continuously optimized catamarans. These flying yachts bear the colors of the countries they represent and embody the present and future of the sport.

The SailGP championship has also generated the Impact League, the Women’s Pathway program and SailGP Inspire, initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability and diversity in the yachting world.

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Sir Ben Ainslie –
Rolex Testimonee
The gold standard in regatta racing

With four gold medals and one silver, Sir Ben Ainslie achieved the outstanding feat of claiming a medal in the five consecutive Olympic Games he competed in.

The British sailor races for the Royal Yacht Squadron, which Rolex has partnered since the 1980s. And as skipper of the Great Britain team, he is also one of the leading lights of the SailGP circuit.

Sir Ben Ainslie wears a Yacht-Master 42.

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Hannah Mills –
Rolex Testimonee
A skipper committed toinclusion

With two gold medals and one silver, Hannah Mills is the most successful woman Olympic sailor of all time. Winner of the Rolex World Sailor of the Year award in 2016 and 2021, she holds the position of tactician in the Great Britain SailGP crew. As a SailGP ambassador for sustainable development, Mills is also highly committed to the inclusion of women in sailing.

Hannah Mills wears a Yacht-Master 37.

SailGP | London Jewelers (7)

Rolex andyachting
A partnership going thedistance

Yacht clubs, renowned sailors, iconic offshore races and some of the most celebrated regattas. For more than60years, Rolex has forged strong relationships with the world of yachting. A prominent yacht racing partner, the brand shares the common pursuit of excellence and a passion for premium performance with custodians of the sport’s enduringspirit.

Visit One of Our London Jewelers Locations to Discover
The Rolex Yacht-Master

London Jewelers is proud to support the visionary SailGP championship, an endeavor that mirrors our own commitment to excellence, innovation, and the promotion of diversity. As an Official Rolex Jeweler, we align ourselves with the passion, precision, and the spirit of fair competition that both Rolex and SailGP exemplify.

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SailGP | London Jewelers (2024)


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