Low Tide in Twilight (2024)

Low Tide in Twilight is an ongoing manhwa written and illustrated by Euja. First released in 2021, it has been published by Bomtoon, Kidari Studio, then in English by Lezhin US. Season three was announced to begin in October 12 2023.


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Omega Kim Euihyun, who had given up everything due to reaching his limits, ran towards the sea with a child in his arms and was caught by an alpha, Yeo Taeju. Euihyun, who is left with only debt, was demanded by Taeju, his money, house, job, and his body... "But why am I so turned on...? You smell so f*cking good..."

Manhwa Seasons[]

  • Season 1: 29 Chapters 1~29 + Review (29)
  • Season 2: 30~62 Chapters + Review (33)
  • Season 3: 63~74+ Chapters + Review (?)


Kim Euihyun[]

Low Tide in Twilight (1)

Not quite sure what is wrong with him, Euihyun has always been thinking about death. It did not matter to him when his end would come, and even having a child it was hell all the same. Instructing a taxi to stop by the sea, Euihyun did not know it would be so dramatic. Wondering what he should do about the child, Euihyun should not have brought him but feels he would be beaten or starved to death. Judging he would end up just like him if he went back, Euihyun embraces Euiyoung while saying that better days are coming, yet thinks how he quit believing in better days. Reflecting how he believed those words like a fool, Euihyun feels his life was bad before Taeju came into it. Where Euiyoung is his little brother, Euihyun is 27 and an Omega. Shouting he never borrowed that money and the 180 million won is not his debt, Euihyun thinks of the well-being of his brother. Contemplating how Euiyoung has never told him if he is happy or not, Euihyun wonders whether he would be if he realized what he almost done. Wondering what he is to do now, Euihyun feels if he stays here he will be sold to a brothel to pay off money he has never even touched. Angered at his dad, Sahyeok, for taking his money and leaving none for himself or Euiyoung, he punches back after being hit by him. Remaining defiant and keeping his dignity, Euihyun beats others who touch him and address him as a prostitute. Not withered by Taeju, he also physically fends him off when the need arises.

Yeo Taeju[]

Low Tide in Twilight (2)

Having ran into the water and seizing Euihyun, he demands to know where he thinks he is going. Waving his guards away, Taeju answers he got him. Chiding Dohyun for being a slow snail, Taeju feels it would have been a waste if Euihyun were to become fish food. Taeju questions if knocking a guy out was not enough for Euihyun that he had to try and kill the kid too. Suggesting that Euihyun has no hopes or dreams at all, Taeju takes Euiyoung away and assures him he will be fine. Punched in the face, Taeju hands him back. Stating that he still has a debt to pay, Taeju brings Euihyun in his car. Assuming it is his child, Taeju questions where is the kid's dad. Addressing how Euihyun is talking to him so casually, Taeju then adds they can talk like friends. Saying how they are the same age, Taeju pays no heed to Euihyun stating it is not his debt, only that he is now the guarantor. Mentioning it is why Euihyun should have budgeted better, Taeju also adds he could have ran away like his dad. Understanding why Euihyun would walk into the ocean, Taeju focuses on gaining the debt. What he is saying is that since Euihyun was ready to die, he can sell his body and pay off the debt. Assaulting him, Taeju offers him a house to stay at, and job offers. Done for manipulation purposes, Taeju speaks openly as soon as Euihyun realizes that working at a restaurant he will never make a dent in the interest with that sorry paycheck, he will be begging to sell his body. The apartment was given only so Euihyun feels safe with the kid, so he does not try to escape. Directing others to be nice to the kid, Taeju explains that way his older brother will come running if he changes his mind.

Kim Euiyoung[]

Low Tide in Twilight (3)

Taken away from his older brother Euihyun, he begins crying, then punches Taeju in the face in his resistance. Seeing Euihyun again, Euiyoung embraces him. Asking if they are going to live together, Euiyoung lights up upon hearing that they would not have to live with dad. Later on Euiyoung sits on the hospital bed waiting for his hyung and the 2 men beside him argue whether he is Omega or Alpha, Euihyun then arrives to the hospital with Taeju to pick up Euiyoung. As they got into the car Euiyoung questions what an Omega and Alpha are, Taeju says that the could take a test and instantly get the result. Euiyoung takes the test and the results say that he is an Alpha, as they all get into the car Euiyoung still doesn’t know what an Omega and Alpha are so Taeju simply explains to him that Alphas look like him (strong and muscular) when Omegas look like Euihyun (Skinny and scrawny). Euiyoung devastated by the new through a big fit saying he doesn’t want to look like Taeju but wants to look like Euihyun

Kim Sahyeok[]

It is mentioned by others that his son is an omega. Having taken Euihyun's money, he said that this would be fine. Asked by Euihyun to return it, Sahyeok hits him and says he is disrespectful. Claiming he just got home and Euihyun is already throwing a fit over a few pennies, Sahyeok states he needed it so used the money.


Mentioned as needing to get to the hospital quick, Yeongdo had raised the matter of the debt with Euihyun. After touching him, Yeongdo then tried to strangle Euihyun before being soundly dealt with.


Low Tide in Twilight (4)

Joining Taeju and asking why he ran off like that, Dohyun is his driver. Questioning whether Taeju had to send the information himself, he still thinks Euihyun is going to make a run for it.

Yeo Wonyoung[]

Opening the car door, she raises is Euihyun the one who jumped Yeongdo and ran. Picking up Euiyoung and telling him to not worry, Wonyoung says she is not scary, yet appears to be. 26 and an Alpha, she is Taeju's cousin and business partner.

Yeo Heeju[]

Wonyoung's mother, and Taeju's auntie, she is the executive director of Yeojeong construction. Ordering them to stop right there when they approach to hug, Heeju protests they are covered in blood.


Low Tide in Twilight (5)

As Kim Euihyun views a man bleeding he regards death. Suited men discuss whether Yeongdo went by himself, then gossip how Kim Sahyeok's son is an omega. One speaks to a boss over the phone and mentions they are in Sowang-dong. Taking a taxi to the sea front, Euihyun intends to carry himself and Kim Euiyoung into the ocean. Heading into the water, Euihyun is seized by Yeo Taeju and pulled back to the shore. While Taeju attempts to take Euiyoung, he hands him back after resistance.

In the car, Euihyun reveals Euiyoung is not his kid but younger brother. In teasing him on whether Euihyun is a virgin, Taeju licks his lips. After Yeo Wonyoung takes Euiyoung, with Euihyun staying, Taeju says for him to remain.[1] Within an office, Taeju sees details on Euihyun and how he is one hundred and eighty thousand bucks in debt. If he gives up his house he might be able to get sixty grand. Addressing what Euihyun would do, Taeju is saying he should sell his body to pay off the debt. Taeju pressures and assaults Euihyun until he falls unconscious.[2]

Waking up in a car, Euihyun is told to get out by Taeju. Asking where Euiyoung is, Euihyun is brought to a residence where he is located. Placing non-physical restraints on him, Taeju states he has gotten Euihyun a house, with a job tomorrow, then adds there should be no more escape attempts. While Euiyoung is at ease that they will be living together, Euihyun wonders if he would be so happy if hew knew what was going to be done. Where it is known he is an omega, Euihyun concludes he will be sold to a brothel to pay off a debt that is not his. With it nearing around 3:38 on the clock, Euihyun thinks in a few days they will escape.

Having learned that his dad took money, Euihyun shouts he said to not take any of his. Seeking out his dad, Euihyun was punched by Kim Sahyeok for requesting the money back. When Euihyun punched him back, Sahyeok seized his fist.[3]


Taeju slams a tray on someone who touched him

Taeju asks Euihyun if he's trying to be his wife

Taeju telling Euihyun his types

Euiyoung receiving money


  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3

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