Costco 2023 Activate P2 (2024)

1. T-Mobile Promotional Offers - Exclusive Deals and Discounts

  • Past 2022 offers · Past 2021 offers · 2020 offers

  • Dive into T-Mobile's latest promotional offers! Score exclusive deals on smartphones, tablets, and more. Trade-in or add a line to unlock big savings. Check it out now!

2. Currently Known Scams - Costco Customer Service

  • Jun 13, 2024 · We have been notified of people receiving scam calls disguised as our home office number (425-313-8100), Ecommerce number (800-955-2292), or ...

  • Welcome to the Costco Customer Service page. Explore our many helpful self-service options and learn more about popular topics.

3. Costco card $75/$150, No activation fees, 90 days return - Slickdeals

  • 1. Costco shop card: $150 new activation, $75 upgrade within 30 days of qualifying purchase. Code: CostcoTMobileBenefit -- please ...

  • locations/map of kiosks: 1. Costco shop card: $150 new activation, ...

4. Costco Promotion | T-Mobile Community

  • Costco Promotion. 6 months ago. 23 December 2023. 6 replies; 8987 views ... We purchased a new phone on October 1, 2023 and as of February 1, 2024, we do not have our Costco card. We have called TMobile 4 ...

  • I purchased 2 iPhones in a Costco kiosk back in April. I was told that I would receive a $75 promo card per phone, and as of yet, I have not received it.  I did receive a cryptic text about 6 weeks ago, stating it would be arriving.  As of yet nothing.  Anyone else have this issue?  Were you able to...

5. T-Mobile Returns To Costco Via Pilot Program - The Mobile Report

6. StackSocial: Buy Costco Membership & Get Bonus $40 Costco Shop Card

  • Apr 21, 2024 · I asked Costco directly recently. I wanted to cancel my P2 membership and signup under my name and business (P1) with a new member offer, same ...

  • StackSocial is offering a bonus $40 Costco Shop Card when you buy one-year Costco Gold Star Membership for $60

7. 3 Perks of Buying a Smartphone at Costco - The Motley Fool

  • Nov 5, 2023 · ... 2023. Steven Porrello. By: Steven Porrello. Writer ... Meanwhile, T-Mobile and Costco will give a combined $400 off when you activate a Go5G plan.

  • Costco often has promotions on smartphones but are they worth it? Check out the three top benefits to buying a phone at Costco.

8. T-Mobile Costco kiosks: Get up to $400 when you activate ... - Slickdeals

  • when you activate with a Go5G Plus plan. $150 Member Benefit + $250 credit when you switch. Via $150 Costco Shop Card and $250 Virtual Prepaid Visa card for use ...

  • * Please verify that your local Costco has a T-Mobile kiosk before driving there * I haven't enquired about this deal at my local Costco yet, I just saw it on their website which is a bit lacking i ...

9. $250 Costco card for activation of new line. - Verizon Community

  • Missing: p2 | Show results with:p2

  • Signed up for new line and device on May 9 2023 at Costco Verizon kiosk in Carmel valley, San Diego.  Was promised a 250$costco card via email in 90 days. It is December now and have not received yet. Stopped by the kiosk many times in the last few months. Each time the agent (Shadow, Josh and many ...

10. Apple Pay now available in Lowe's home improvement stores

  • Dec 27, 2023 · I am happy Lowe's is finally taking Apple Pay. I always complained to the cashier every time. They always seemed to agree with me. Costco!

  • Like I need another reason to avoid Home Depot.

11. CIBC Costco Mastercard - Page 54 - Forums

  • Sep 2, 2021 · ... p2 have Costco credit card as primary cardholders? yes apparently, i hope they don't charge my p2 another 60$ annual costco membership fees!

  • @WildWorks80 I was in the same situation as you, approved but no credit limit. I just received an automated call from CIBC. It says: "Hi, this

12. CitiGold reimbursing subscription fees, up to $200/year - Page 12 - FlyerTalk

  • Apr 28, 2023 · Are you currently a Costco member? Membership renewal is definitely reimbursed. I am hoping for more positive DPs on this before the year ends.

  • Citi | ThankYou Rewards - CitiGold reimbursing subscription fees, up to $200/year - Originally Posted by ordfreqflyer Yes - I bought a membership on (physical card sent to me via USPS) and was reimbursed. Just to confirm- you bought a Gold Star gift of membership on, and it was reimbursed? If this

13. [Tangerine] 5.25% until July 31 — check your Insights to activate

  • Mar 2, 2023 · P2 got 5.25% until August 31. Good timing, since my Simplii promo of 5% is expiring this month.

  • P2 got 5.25% until August 31. Good timing, since my Simplii promo of 5% is expiring this month

14. [Expired] Groupon: Buy Costco Membership For $60 & Get Bonus ...

  • Jul 31, 2023 · I used P1 as the primary and added P2 as a household user on the card when I picked up mine at the service desk. The membership just expired 7/ ...

  • Buy a one-year  Costco Gold Star Membership for $60 and get bonus $45 Costco Shop Card. Plus a $40 discount for online shopping and $100 discount on a vacation package

15. Correct answer: Community Forums - Re: Costco Rebate

  • Feb 12, 2024 · Correct answer: Like so many others, we purchased 4 new phones at Costco in November 2023 because of the gift card promise.

  • Like so many others, we purchased 4 new phones at Costco in November 2023 because of the gift card promise. We’re nearing the 3 month mark. Can someone please follow up with me? 

16. (EXPIRED) (Update) Q4 2023 Quarterly Bonus Categories for ...

  • Sep 19, 2023 · Here's the details of each card's categories from October 1 to December 31, 2023, along with links to activate the bonuses. ... You can buy Costco ...

  • Here are the Q4 2023 activation links and categories for Chase Freedom, Chase Freedom Flex, US Bank Cash+ and Discover.


  • Cake to be ordered from Costco. Shirley will order and pick up cake. Shirley will ... Post Christmas Party – Dec 2, 2023 RSVP with payment by Nov 22, 2023.

  • American Legion Post: PETER WOLLNER POST 288

18. Southwest Companion Pass Trick: 2024 Complete Guide

  • ... 2023 and the whole next year (2024) — 23 months. If ... Or can P1 purchase tickets for both P1 and P2, and then afterward P1 and P2 can add our companion?

  • Learn the easy way to get a Southwest Companion Pass! One of my favorite travel deals is the Southwest Airlines Companion pass. Learn about the Southwest Companion Pass trick here. This guide aims to tell you everything you need to know to earn two-for-one travel for your family! The content on this page is accurate as

Costco 2023 Activate P2 (2024)


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