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One Friday afternoon, four friends, Zoe, Kate, Luke and Cory, were out camping in the woods of a nearby park. At the moment, they were all sat around a campfire.

The boys, Cory and Luke, had just finished telling a spooky story, and it set Zoe on edge.

Suddenly, overcome with uncomfortable emotions, Zoe looked up at her friends as she suddenly felt a massive amount of vertigo.

She called nervously to them, but a single shaky “Guys—“ was all she managed before her vision went dark.


The three looked over to Zoe and froze. She was gone. Their expressions began to change to ones of fear and confusion. She had been perfectly fine up until this moment, and now suddenly she was gone. Luke was the first to speak.

“Um, what the actual f*ck just happened.”

Cory looked over to him. “I-I don’t know…”

Kate, still fixated on the spot where her friend had been sitting, pointed and said, “L-look.”

The two boys both looked over at where she was pointing, and Luke’s eyes widened as he saw what she was pointing at.

“Holy sh*t.” He exclaimed quietly. His eyes darted from where Zoe had been sitting, to Kate, then to Cory, and then back to the place Zoe had been sitting. When he finally managed to form a coherent sentence, he whispered in awe. “She- she’s still there…” he rubbed his eyes in disbelief, “She’s just… really…” he paused for a moment to find the right words, then continued, “small…”

Cory looked at him dumbfounded. “What?! What are you on about—“ And then he saw it. He saw her. Lying there on the log they had been using for a seat, her small form seemingly unconscious.

Then, without thinking, Cory scooped her up carefully and cradled her in his hands.

“Dude, what are you doing?!” Luke asked frantically. He quickly ran over to him and carefully examined Zoe’s unconscious form in Cory’s hands.

Kate stayed seated where she was, burying her face in her hands, feeling an overwhelming amount of worry.

‘What is happening?’ She thought. ‘Is she going to be like this forever? What if she’s hurt or-or worse…’

Her thoughts were cut short as the boys paused in examining Zoe and looked over to Kate, noticing her worried expression and demeanor. Kate looked up at them, but she didn’t have to say anything for them to know what she was thinking. For a moment, they all just silently looked at each other, and then to Zoe.

Cory was about to say something when Zoe began to stir awake. He froze and looked down at his hands, watching as she began to slowly sit up and gather herself. She looked around, then up at him, and then started hyperventilating, and then subsequently began crying.


As Zoe slowly regained consciousness, she tried to right herself and gather her thoughts. Her memory slowly began to return as she examined her surroundings.

She found that she was suspended high up in the air on some sort of platform, and she froze when she realized what it was. She was on someone’s hand. She followed the hand and its respective arm and she froze as she found herself looking up at Cory’s now-enormous face.

She began to hyperventilate as she looked around and saw her now-giant friends towering over her. Feeling overwhelmed, confused and scared, she began to cry.


Cory froze, not knowing what to do. He looked to the other two for help, but neither of them seemed to know either.

Luke noticed Zoe beginning to seemingly become even smaller. He began to panic as she continued to become smaller and smaller the longer she cried. Then something in his head seemed to click, and he realized her emotions must be tied to whatever was happening.

“Zo? Hey it’s just us, it’s okay.” he began as he tried to console her and stop whatever was happening.

Zoe visibly tensed and looked up at him fearfully, her eyes wide and her face streaked with tears. He watched as she began to shake with fear as he addressed her, but he continued on.

“Hey,” he said softly. “It’s just me, it’s Luke.” He squatted down so he was at her eye level before continuing. “I-I know this must be a lot for you to take in right now, but… we’re here to help.” he said and smiled softly at her.

His smile broadened when she seemed to be calming down from his words. He watched as she met his gaze, but frowned when he saw her mouth moving, almost like she was talking to him, but he couldn’t hear anything.

He looked up nervously to Cory before looking back to her and stating, “I-I can’t hear you…” He trailed off as he watched her expression switch to one of fear again, though this time not of him. He then watched as she seemed to realize she had to speak louder, and he heard her soft voice call to him as she said “Wh-what h-happened to me?”

The three of them shared a glance with each other before looking back to Zoe.

“We- we don’t know.” Kate admitted.

“Yeah,” Cory chimed in. “you just kinda…” he gestured to where she had been sitting with his free hand “vanished.”

Kate continued “Y-yeah, I-I looked over at you and you were…” she gestured to Zoe’s miniature form.

Zoe looked down at her feet in embarrassment, but she understood what Kate meant.

She found herself somewhat relaxing with the comfort of her friends, then felt a sense of vertigo as the hand beneath her seemed to become smaller. She soon realized that she was growing. She had just reached around three and a half inches in height before slowing to a stop. She looked up at the others and they all collectively shared a confused expression.

“Wh-what…” Zoe questioned to herself.

Luke perked up at her words. “We can hear you now!” he exclaimed excitedly.

Zoe clapped her hands over her ears from the booming voice and closed her eyes. When she realized that he had stopped talking, she took her hands away from her ears and looked up at them again.

“S-sorry.” Luke apologized sheepishly.

Cory spoke up next, having finally put the pieces together for the lot of them. “So, you get smaller when you’re upset and bigger when you’re calm?”

Zoe looked up at Cory, pondering his words for a moment, before replying “I…I guess so. I-I don’t really know.”

Kate’s face lit up. “Well then, all we need to do is calm you down!” she beamed.

The other two gave their mutters of approval, and now it was just up to Zoe to approve it as well. She quietly nodded and sat cross legged in the center of Cory’s palm.

Just then, she felt that sense of vertigo again as Cory’s hand seemed to get smaller underneath her, and she gradually made her way back up to a three and a half inch stature. She then passed five inches, then ten, and Cory had to place her on the ground once she made it past the twelve inch mark. She continued until she was back at her rightful 5’3” height.

When Zoe opened her eyes, she found that everything looked normal again, and she let out a sigh of relief. She then fell flat on her back and stared up at the sky that was now tinted with pink and purple as the sun began to set.

“Thank God,” she muttered. She met her friends’ eyes, “Can we just forget this ever happened?”

The three of them exchanged a brief glance at each other before looking back at Zoe and reluctantly nodding.



A few hours passed, and they were out gathering more wood for their fire. Each of them had agreed to split up to make their searching more efficient, so they were each left by themselves.

Zoe had come across a huge pile of firewood and hurriedly began to pick some of it up to bring back to camp, but paused when she felt that newly familiar sense of vertigo. She let out a sharp gasp before falling to the ground, her vision starting to go dark. She tried to fight it, to stay awake, but she eventually succumbed to the darkness and fell unconscious once again.

camping trip - Chapter 1 - origami_ninja (2024)


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